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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

{RELEASE DAY}: Eternal Promise, The Cursed Series, Book 5


Eternal Promise is LIVE!!

The Cursed Series continues with ETERNAL PROMISE. This book was the natural next step in the series, and I knew it was the book where a lot of things would happen--senior year stuff, graduation, prom, a wedding... There was also a lot that happened that I'd never planned for, and that's always a nice surprise. The ending of this book shocked me because it was not planned, and the character that shows up ended getting a much bigger role in the story. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do :) 

Here's everything you need to know about Eternal Promise and where to get your copy: 

Book Title:
 Eternal Promise (The Cursed Series, Book 5) 

Author: Kara Leigh Miller

Genre: Young Adult paranormal romance 

Content Warnings: Heavy kissing / non-descriptive sexual situations / mild violence

Publisher: FireChicken Press, LLC 


Print ISBN: 978-1-7354336-4-6

Release Date: January 12, 2021

Blurb: With graduation looming, and her wedding fast approaching, Chloe is fully focused on her future with Trent. She’s finally so close to having everything she’s ever wanted, and she won’t let anything—or anyone—stand in her way.

When a mysterious rogue witch arrives in town and starts causing trouble, Chloe ends up in the hospital, and it becomes clear that the Zoya are getting desperate. But are they really the ones behind the attack? The answer has the power to bring her entire world crashing down around her and destroying her happily ever after.

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“On the way back to class, I swore someone was watching me.”

I didn’t bother to tell him about Jax because I didn’t need Trent to start a fight with him, but also because nothing had happened.

“Watching you?” he asked.

I nodded. “But the hallway was empty.” I turned to open my locker.

“So, you didn’t see anyone?”

“No.” I grabbed my math book and shoved it into my backpack, then closed my locker. When I turned back around, Trent was right there. I nearly bumped into him.

He grabbed my arms and steadied me. “Do you feel like someone is watching you right now?” His gaze was intense and concerned.

I shook my head. “I think I’m just anxious. All this stuff is supposed to be happening, but nothing is actually happening yet. Graduation. The wedding. The honeymoon.” I gave him a sly, knowing grin. “The big change. The Zoya.”

He dragged his hands down my arms and laced our fingers. “I’m not sure I’d be so eager for that last thing.”

“I’m not.” I sighed. “I just wish something would happen. I’m tired of waiting.”

Trent captured my lips in a soft kiss. “We could always practice making a baby,” he whispered, his eyes sparkling.

I laughed and playfully pushed him away. “You’re terrible.”

The bell rang, and I groaned. Trent walked me to class, gave me a kiss, then left. I watched his retreating form, a permanent smile on my face. He was going to be my husband! I still couldn’t believe it. I spun around to go into class when someone at the opposite end of the hall caught my eye.

It was a girl about my age—she looked like any other student—but she had bleach blonde hair and wore red-rimmed glasses that were a size too small for her pert face. She was staring right at me. I hadn’t ever seen her before.

Squinting, I attempted to get a better look, but students were jostling me out of the way so they could get into the classroom. I shoved around them, but by the time I got a clearer view, the girl was gone.

Goose bumps erupted on my arms, and a shiver wiggled down my spine. Who was that? Was she a member of Ivy’s coven, sent here to watch me? Or worse, was she a Zoya?

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