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Monday, October 19, 2020

The Journey to Self-Publication, Part 11: Marketing Book Two

I've gotten quite a few questions about why I finally decided to delve into self-publishing and how I'm doing it, so I figured why not create a new blog series!

Every Monday, I'll be sharing a piece of the self-publishing puzzle---from how I came to this choice to writing, editing, marketing, sales, and everything in between. Please remember that this is simply my experience, how chose to do things. Others do things differently, and that's fine! So, your mileage may vary, but in the end, I hope seeing yet another way of tackling self-publishing will help you on your path. 

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Book two in my series officially releases tomorrow, and so I've been busy working to get the word out about that one, but promoting this book hasn't really been my priority. Why? Because it's the second in a series, and while it can (and has) been read as a standalone, it's much better when read after the first book. So, my efforts for this one have been a lot less aggressive. Here's what I'm doing, though:

1. Reviews. I've had the book listed on BookSirens, and it's gotten a handful of early reviews already that will hopefully hit Amazon during release week. 

2. Newsletter. I'll be sending a newsletter the day of release to announce the book. In there will be extra sneak peeks and a fun giveaway just for my subscribers! 

3. Paid Ads. Having run a ton of ads for book 1 via both paid and free avenues, I've been able to see what does and doesn't work, so I was very selective in what ads I chose to run for book 2, and I hope I'll see a better return on my investment. I have an add set for release day along with one the day after. 

4. Push Book One. As I mentioned above, this is the second book in a series, and I read somewhere once that you'll never sell more copies of the second book than you will of the first. And that makes sense when you think about it, so for me to get readers to invest in book 2, I need to get them to invest in book 1. In the back of book 1, I have a teaser for book 2, along with a direct link for them to go buy it, so in theory, once a reader finishes one, then can go buy and start two. So, part of my efforts for book 2 include continuing to be aggressive with book one, and I have some rather larger (and expensive) ads scheduled for book 1 to coincide with the release of book 2. 

Will all of this work? I have no idea. LOL. But stay tuned, and I'll circle back around eventually to share more sales numbers to see how it worked out. Next week, though, I'm going to talk about audio books, and I have a fun surprise for that post! 

Got questions?

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