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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Spilling the Tea about "Spill the Tea Tuesday" -- A fun new blog feature


Today, I'm officially launching a new series on my blog that I'm calling "Spill the Tea Tuesday." You're probably wondering what this is and what "spill the tea" means. Well, I'm glad you asked ;-) 

Because I'm surrounded by teenagers, I'm privy to all their slang, and one phrase they always use: "I've got tea." Which means: I've got information / gossip. On the flip side, if they want to know the latest gossip, they'll say: "Spill the tea!" And so, because I write primarily for young adults / teens, I thought, why not run with this idea? And so, Spill the Tea Tuesday was born. 

Every Tuesday, I'll be featuring a new author, blogger, PA, cover artist, editor, etc., who will come here to "spill the tea" about absolutely anything they want--life, love, books, writing, publishing--but absolutely no politics! 

Here's the current line-up:

June 14th -- Christina Sinisi

June 21st -- Kara Leigh Miller

June 28th -- Sharon Rene

July 5th -- Paige Boggs of Electively Paige  PA Services

July 12th -- Delaina Netherland

July 19th -- Kris Riley of Blissful Services

July 26th -- Connie Ann Michael

August 2nd -- Laurie Wood

August 9th -- Rose Spielman

August 23rd -- Ashby Frost

August 30th -- Crespin Frost

September 6th -- Leah Dobrinksa

September 20th -- Judith Gonda

More guests are being added daily. If you'd like to schedule a date to Spill the Tea, feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly at:

This is meant to be fun and empowering and uplifting for everyone involved. So, I hope you'll join us for all the delicious tea that will be served. It's really gonna slap. (<-- teen slang for: good, cool, awesome!)

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