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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

{COVER REVEAL}: Eternal Promise and Eternal Life

 For today's Teaser Tuesday, I'm going to share the covers and blurbs for the final two books in The Cursed Series!! Ready??

ETERNAL PROMISE: The Cursed Series, Book 5

With graduation looming, and her wedding fast approaching, Chloe is fully focused on her future with Trent. She’s finally so close to having everything she’s ever wanted, and she won’t let anything—or anyone—stand in her way. 

When a mysterious rogue witch arrives in town and starts causing trouble, Chloe ends up in the hospital, and it becomes clear that the Zoya are getting desperate. But are they really the ones behind the attack? The answer has the power to bring her entire world crashing down around her and destroying her happily ever after. 


ETERNAL LIFE: The Cursed Series, Book 6

A violent attack during their honeymoon left Chloe fighting for life and Trent missing. Now, Chloe returns home—alone and devastated and clinging to the hope that Trent is alive and will come back to her, but as days stretch into weeks, her optimism wears thin. And with mounting pressure for her to break the centuries old curse haunting her very existence, time is running out. 

Trent finally returns, but he’s changed. Having endured unspeakable torture at the hands of his captors, he’s more determined than ever to ensure Chloe and the rest of his family stay safe, even if that means living on the run for eternity. 

But the timer has zeroed out on Chloe’s human life, and she must break the curse if she’ll have any hope of saving her loved ones. As her enemies advance, Chloe has no choice but to face them—and not everyone will walk away alive.



    Being human in a world of vampires and witches is problem enough, but when two covens of witches are hellbent on killing her, things are unbearable. 

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