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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

{TEASER TUESDAY}: Eternal Curse--9 weeks until release day!

That's right! ETERNAL CURSE releases in 9 weeks, and I am so excited  ๐Ÿ˜Š

To celebrate, every Tuesday from now until release day, I'll be sharing a "Teaser Tuesday" from the book--it could be anything from an excerpt to a fun fact to the music that inspired all six books. 

Today, I'm giving you a peek at the interior formatting for the paperback because I think it's just so gorgeous! Major shout-out to Laura Heritage of P.S. Cover Design and Author Services for all of her work on this book. She's brought my vision to life better than I ever imagined. 

Okay, ready....

Notice the subheading on chapter one? March 2017? Here's a fun fact:

I originally started writing this book back in 2014. It started out as a "me" project, something fun that I could write when I was blocked on other things or when I needed a fun escape. Then, as it does, life got in the way, and I was focusing on other writing projects, so this book got shelved for a few years. Finally, in 2017, I dug this book out of my files and dove back into it. 

As the series progresses, there are a lot of important dates and events, and when I'd worked all those out, it was back in 2017. Even though it's now 2020, I'd already had all my dates figured out, and I wasn't willing to rework them (because, well, math is hard, and it took me way longer than it probably should have to get everything lined up). So, the book is set in 2017 and moves forward from there. 

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