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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

{TEASER TUESDAY}: Eternal Curse (Pt 1)

Teaser Tuesday is back!! I'll be sharing snippets from my own books--both published and works-in-progress, along with inviting other authors to stop by and share exclusive excerpts of their own books.

Today, I'm sharing a scene from the first book in my young adult paranormal romance series, ETERNAL CURSE. This is the first time my heroine, Chloe, meets the hero, Trent. Enjoy :)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I turned back to my locker and tested the combination. It opened on the first try, and I swung the door harder than necessary. It banged against the locker next to it. The loud crash of metal on metal made me jump. The seconds ticked by. I had no idea where Abby’s locker was or how long it would take her to get back, but I was not going to stand here any longer. I grabbed for the door, but instead of getting a handful of metal, my fingers slammed into flesh. Every single knuckle in my hand cracked. Pain shot up my arm.
“Ow,” I cried softly, cradling my hand to my chest.
“Did you just punch me?” A deep, rich voice cut through the air.
“I’m so sorry.” I refused to look anywhere but at my locker, not wanting to see everyone staring at the new girl. “I didn’t mean…it was an accident. I’m sorry.” I shook the pain from my hand and winced.
He slowly pushed my locker door closed. “Are you okay?”
I forced myself to look at him. He had to be pushing six feet tall, and I tilted my head to see his face. Mesmerizing, crystal-clear blue eyes. High cheekbones and dark hair. A strong jaw accented his full lips—lips that were currently curved into a teasing smile, showcasing his bright white teeth.
My gaze lowered to a muscular chest and broad shoulders barely contained by the black, long-sleeved shirt. Black jeans held low on his hips by a belt showcased his svelte physique. And I’d punched him in the face. Embarrassment heated my neck and face. “I should be asking you that. Are you okay?” I stepped closer, inspecting his cheek. Nothing. Not so much as a splotch of color. How could he not have a single mark when my hand was throbbing? “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”
He laughed, the sound so thick and decadent it wrapped around me like a hug, comforting me in a way I never knew possible. “I’ve taken worse. I’ll be fine.”
“Okay,” I said, drawing out the word. “Is it normal for people to punch you? Because you seem very cool about this whole thing.”
He opened his locker and rummaged around inside, not bothering to answer my question.
“Well, I’m sorry,” I said again.
“Apology accepted.”
“Thanks.” I turned around, and to my utter relief, no one stared at me. In fact, no one even noticed I was there. Glancing down the hallway, I saw Abby finally making her way toward me, but then she stopped to talk to a petite girl with bleach blonde hair.
“Are you positive you’re okay?”
The sound of his voice startled me, and I turned back to him. He leaned against his locker, his gaze roaming over me as if I was the first girl he’d ever seen.
“May I see?” He nodded toward the hand I held protectively against my chest.
Cautiously, almost as if he were afraid I’d hit him again, he took my hand and gently ran his thumb across my knuckles. I cringed but didn’t pull away. Instead, I took the opportunity to get a better look at him, and what I saw knocked the breath from my lungs. He was perfection personified, each line and angle of his face meticulously etched as if he’d been hand carved. Long, dark lashes and soft eyes, despite their piercing color. And his complexion was flawless, not a blemish or imperfection. Brow furrowed in concentration, his tongue peeked out and wetted his bottom lip. And like some sick Peeping Tom, I couldn’t stop staring.
“Would you like to take a picture?” The corner of his mouth quirked up into a smirk, and he lifted just his eyes, watching me from under his lashes.
Oh, God. I quickly averted my gaze and stared at my hand, but that wasn’t any better because now I focused on his hands. On how slender his fingers were, how his nails were trimmed neatly, how he was currently rubbing the pad of his thumb along the side of my pinkie and how involuntary shivers were coursing up and down my back.
“Uh, I think I’m good.” I removed my hand from his and made a fist. My knuckles were stiff and sore, but I no longer noticed the pain. “Thanks.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Be on the lookout for this book to release Fall 2020 via FireChicken Press!