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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A New Publishing Plan

How's everyone's New Year going so far? Mine's been pretty great!

My first YA Christian thriller released in January--Warped Remains. So far, it seems as though people are really enjoying it, and that's always a wonderful feeling. I went on a cruise to the Caribbean, something I've dreamed of doing for years! It was a blast...except when I almost died snorkeling. Okay, that's probably a tad dramatic, but it wasn't the best experience, and it was scary. Then I came home and promptly got sick--that sucked. I broke a tooth and had to have it pulled. That's never pleasant... All right, so maybe my year hasn't been all great. LOL.

But, best of all, I've been writing again! Like, seriously writing, and it's amazing. I've been working on Eternal Bond, which is the sequel to Eternal Curse, a young adult paranormal romance and my homage to Twilight. (Hey, no hate!) I'm almost finished with it, and then I'm going to dive right into the third and final book in the series. Hopefully, I'll have that finished by the start of summer.

Anyway, the purpose behind this post... As you all know, I've created my own self-publishing company, and my plan was to officially launch that this year. Well, that plan has changed! In my extensive research about how to be successful with self-publishing, everything says that a consistent release schedule is key. Now, in order to be able to do that, I need to have the books written, right? So, for the remainder of 2020, I will be writing ALL the books. Then, in 2021, I will start releasing them. A new book every 6 - 8 weeks for the entire year!

Will this work? I have no idea, but I hope so. I'll post regular updates to share how this is going and whether or not I'm having any real success--and by success I mean enough sales to pay a bill each month and a handful of positive reviews. Honestly, my bar is low, y'all.

Does this mean I won't be releasing anything at all for the rest of 2020? NO! I have a YA Christian romance releasing in May called Perfectly Imperfect, and I might have a Christmas novella for later in the year.

So, until my next update... Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep enjoying life :-)