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Friday, May 13, 2022

Fighting Fibro: Week 3

As I'd mentioned in my last post, I'm going to start sharing weekly updates, so here's how this past week has gone...

Sunday (5/8/22) -- Mother's Day was very relaxing for me. My husband did a majority of the cooking (smoked ribs with mac & cheese). I took the day off from all work and writing and enjoyed spending time with my family. I even got all dressed up and took pictures with my girls and Crowley, which was fun. My parents came over for dinner, and we played cards. 

Monday (5/9/22) -- Pretty sure I ate a few too many carbs on Sunday because I'm feeling a little drained today, despite having slept well last night. My back is killing me today, too, and I don't know if it's because I sat in an uncomfortable kitchen chair too long yesterday, or if I worked out too hard / long this morning. I didn't even bother to put on makeup or jewelry today, either, which is something I always try to do. (Dressing for success and all that.) Not sure I'm going to make it through the day without a nap. All I really want to do is write, but I don't have the mental energy to put words on the page :-( 

I did end up napping for a little over an hour. Normally, when I wake up, I just feel even more blah, but that didn't happen this time. In fact, I managed to write a little over 3,000 words, and I completed 7 out of 9 tasks on my to-do list. Overall, it turned out to be a pretty good day!

Tuesday (5/10/22) -- I woke up feeling pretty good today. Still had a little bit of lingering back pain, but that might be because of how I slept last night. I worked out for 30 minutes and dressed for success, complete with makeup and jewelry. Will I end up napping again today? Probably. lol. But I'm already making good progress on my to-do list, so even if I crash later, at least I was somewhat productive. 

Took a two-hour nap today. *sigh* I'm beyond frustrated that I can't seem to make it through an entire day without a nap. What's worse -- I don't even know why! Yes, I know I have Chronic Fatigue along with Fibro, but I used to be manage things just fine, and now I seem to be going backward, and that's not a good feeling. 

Wednesday (5/11/22) -- No pain when I woke up today, so that's good! I didn't sleep very well last night, though, and I know that's because I took a late-afternoon nap. This is a vicious, unbreakable cycle, it seems. I don't sleep well at night, so I'm tired the next day, and I end up napping... which in turn makes it so I'm not tired at bedtime and then don't sleep well. Day after day after day. I just don't know what to do anymore, but I cannot keep this up much longer. 

I'm beginning to wonder if exercising in the morning is making all of this that much worse. Maybe I'm tiring myself out and that compounds the situation. So, I've decided to try something different today. I'm going to adjust my schedule and work out this evening, after dinner, and see if that helps. If I can make it through today without a nap and then tire myself out later so that I can sleep better tonight, I'll consider that a win.   

Well, made it through the day without a nap, but by 5:30 - 6:00 p.m., I was so dang tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Had no energy at all, so I ended up laying on the couch playing games on my phone until it was bedtime. 

Thursday (5/12/22) -- Slept on and off ALL day. I was sleeping more than I was awake today. Did absolutely nothing except eat lunch, make a phone call, and wash a sink full of dishes. Went to bed around 7:30 p.m. and slept through the whole night. I am beyond frustrated with how things are going lately. I can't seem to find anything that's working, and I'm so down in the dumps that I have zero interest in anything, including all the stuff I normally love--like writing, editing, reading, coloring. I just don't want to do anything anymore. Oh, and the phone call I made? To my doctor's office. I go back in Monday afternoon.

Friday (5/13/22) -- I went grocery shopping this morning and ran a few other errands. But now I'm exhausted and want to sleep again :-( I have no desire to do anything else, and now the feelings of guilt and shame are rearing their ugly heads, like I should be doing something, I should be productive. But I'm not. Also, I seem to have started my period. Again. For the second time this month, so that's fun. (Not!)

I did do some research, though, and it turns out the medication I'm taking for my Fibro (Cymbalta) actually causes sleepiness / tiredness. I'm going to switch to taking it at bedtime rather than middle of the afternoon like I have been, see if that makes any difference over the weekend. But I plan to ask my doctor to switch me back to my original meds (gabapentin) because I never had these issues with the fatigue when I was on that. The only reason I switched in the first place was because I'd been having more consistent pain. But y'know what? I can manage pain. I can't manage anything when all I do is sleep. 

So, that's where things are as of right now. I hope this weekend won't be awful because my BFF will be here visiting and we have plans. I'll update again next week. 

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